The Best Kind of Weird. turned 4 today! Hooray! :)

The Best Kind of Weird. turned 4 today! Hooray! :)

This is a cry of nationalism.

Pork barrel just ignited the nationalist in me.

What is written in the papers is simply disturbing. I can no longer sit here and just wait for something to happen. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, as people would say, and this is me trying to do something about it. I may not be as knowledgeable (with regards to this issue) as I should, but I think I know enough to say that we need a REAL revolution NOW.

This whole Napoles scandal is bigger than all of us.

Indeed, we need to act on this. I am calling out to every Filipino out there to make a move—big or small, it doesn’t matter. We need to send a message to our government that this will no longer be tolerated, that enough is enough.

We can’t just sit here and let our country rot in the hands of these extremely greedy lawmakers.

Mom’s Day :)

We heard Sunday Mass at Pink Sisters Convent in Tagaytay, then had an early lunch in Bag of Beans.

We have such big faces. 8|

Mom said this is my favorite pose. I say it is just creepy how my eyes are uneven. Hahaha

Buttermilk pancakes!

Me and my lovely mom

We headed to Sky Ranch after eating. I must say, the ferris wheel was such a bummer. Only got to complete one turn and only because the guy was letting other people ride. Bleh.

But anyway, we had a fun day. We even made it to the celebration on my dad’s side ‘cause we got back early. Hooray for leaving Manila before 6am! :)

I say that everyday should be Mother’s Day. Hihi. :)

Sugar Rush

My favorite niece turned one!! While everyone was in Boracay for Labor Day, I was spending time with family—something that I rarely get to do during the school year. Yup, summer time is family time. :)







Bean bag giveaways




Karlie and her grandma



Creepy marionettes!



Mini pyrotechnics on the cake! Awesome. Hihi.

(belated) Happy birthday to my cutie patootie niece! :*

Hong Kong.

1) The weather was gloomy, which was not very conducive for Disneyland and Ocean Park adventures.

2) I did not bring enough money for Disneyland shopping (I did not expect it to be that expensive. And also because it is my happy place, I wanted to splurge but couldn’t. Hoho.)

3) We weren’t able to go to Macau.

4) Overall, it just felt so bitin that to return is the only proper thing to do. Haha.

So yes, I am definitely going back! With my boyfriend in tow this time! :)

I couldn’t resist taking a picture of these two. The face of that little boy!! Hahaha.

Mr. Glass Blower and his creations at a souvenir shop in Disneyland.

Because it was drizzling, the usual parade was replaced with the Rainy Day Express. #bummer

Toy Story Land is so colorful, the dreary weather did not do it justice.

Desserts! Yum

Mickey waffles!! Finally!!! My eight-year frustration ends. Hoho.

Tarzan’s Treehouse

I really wanted to take a picture of those roasted ducks and whatelses. It was just amusing. Hihi. This was in a night market near the guesthouse where we were staying. We had dinner first, and since it was a market of sorts, naturally, we went shopping afterwards. :))

This is day 2 already. We were supposed to go to Ocean Park (and then Macau on our last day) but we got so lazy that we decided to just go shopping, skip Macau, and go to Ocean Park on our last day instead. While strolling on Nathan Road, we found ourselves in Kowloon Park, and I saw this little boy.

He’s just very cute, that’s all. :)

This lady makes such adorable thingamajigs! Yep, she makes them herself and they are all hand-made. It’s too bad though that I forgot to take a close-up of all her products. :|

Kowloon Park’s rooftop garden that was more of park benches and grass and less of a garden. :))

Hahahaha. SDUID :))

My failed attempt at an OOTD while in Hong Kong. And Jess’ failed attempt at photography. :))

The giant Pocky, and…

…the giant Macadamia nuts. :))

Day 3: Water in Ocean Park :))

I really have this habit of taking pictures of cutie little patooties.

It’s Hedwig’s cousin!!!! :) This is their best picture. Either the snowy owl kept moving, or the girl did.

Foggy albeit very pretty horizon


They also have those moving statues (or whatever you call it) in Hong Kong! Much like the ones we have here. But of course ours are more creative and fun to watch :)

And that’s a wrap! That’s pretty much the best of my Hong Kong pictures. I have yet to perfect my photography skills, and because I don’t know how to use Photoshop (I only know the basics), I rely heavily on good technique and my non-existent creative eye. But, I hope you liked them nonetheless! Also, I think I had better pictures (in terms of quality) with my new 50mm lens. Or maybe I’m still not over my birthday gift from my boyfriend. Haha.



Not mine, though, but my little brother’s! Who, sad to say, is not so little anymore. *sigh*

                   This one’s my most favorite picture of us three yet. :)

And here is the best part…

Delicious food at Cue BBQ!! How I wish the price was a bit more reasonable for their serving size. Yep, big price for small servings. Oh well. Bacon is bacon. Hoho. 

Congratulations again to my baby brother! You will always be a three-year old to me. :)


Now that all my exams are over (well, technically I still have one on Wednesday), I finally have the time to share to the world what took place on my not-so-eventful birthday. :)

I am very unfortunate to have my birthday sandwiched between two exam weeks. This also happened last year, and I cried ‘cause nothing went my way, not even the birthday dinner that my boyfriend planned for me. I guess Life wanted to be nice to me this time for making the two exams I had the day after easy, for giving me three birthday cakes, and for bringing my friends over to my house. Life also gave me that one thing that has been on my wishlist for over two years—thanks to my ever-sweet boyfriend of course!!! I also had three celebrations: my birthday salubong, lunch with Mom and the boys, and dinner with my love. Yep, indeed I had a good one. :)

(Pardon my stressed-looking face, for I am but a med student. Haha.)

                                  (I will never understand these two.)

                                  (I find this picture really amusing. Haha)

Haha. Sorry, I just had to. XP

 And of course, the best part…

Best birthday gift ever!!! Happy birthday to me!! :)


Spontaneous post-OSCE date with my forever study buddies. ♥#Xocolat #churros #fonduefortwo #medstudentsneedabreaktoo(from @lianetantantan on Streamzoo)

Spontaneous post-OSCE date with my forever study buddies. ♥
#Xocolat #churros #fonduefortwo #medstudentsneedabreaktoo
(from @lianetantantan on Streamzoo)

I saw this dress at a Mango store and my heart totally jumped. But then again I’m not so sure that it’s worth buying 'cause it looks so simple yet expensive.
But theeeeeeenn it really is pretty… 8| #torn

The Daily Find: MANGO Bodycon dress by polyvore-editorial featuring a bodycon dress

Mango bodycon dress, $90 / Mango bodycon dress, $90 / Mango bodycon dress, $90

I saw this dress at a Mango store and my heart totally jumped. But then again I’m not so sure that it’s worth buying 'cause it looks so simple yet expensive.

But theeeeeeenn it really is pretty… 8| #torn

Mango bodycon dress, $90 / Mango bodycon dress, $90 / Mango bodycon dress, $90
JustFab Mallony - Blue   ❤ liked on Polyvore
JustFab Mallony - Blue ❤ liked on Polyvore
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